When it comes to the ever changing world of email, what the cool kids are talking about is email accessibility. With everyone buying virtual assistants in their homes and living on the fast track, you need to make sure your subscribers are getting the right/valuable information quickly.

This may seem like an overkill, but do you want to be left behind? This is the next big thing, and it is already here. Take advantage of it. It isn’t that much work (and if it was, let’s be honest, you should still be doing it)

Here is a great example:

Google, Alexa, Siri and the like will give you this information when reading your email:
The sender name
The subject
The preheader

“Yanna-Torry from Pleased to Mail you”  has sent you an email about “The role of Virtual Assistants in your Email strategy”. It says “Hey Steve, have you heard how important it is to make your emails accessible to virtual assistants? Not only will it help your open rates and help you achieve your marketing goals, but it is really really easy. Follow these three steps or reply back with “HELP”  and I’ll get back to you ASAP to help you make the necessary changes.” Would you like to reply?

How do you know it is working though? Unfortunately you can’t calculate (yet) how many people are reading your emails using a virtual assistant. But you can easily put an Easter egg (ie: a coupon code) that is only available when an email is being read to you.