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We have all been there: board room, bad slides, unmotivated speaker, boring stuff.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.


(Ces ateliers sont aussi offerts en français)


become a better presenter

Learn how to speak with confidence. Lead your audience. Tell a compelling story.

Be remarkable and memorable.


Story Telling

To present is to tell a story. Learn how to create the right narrative for your audience.


You ARE the presentation. Be mindful of what you do and lead your audience with the right body language.


The human voice is the greatest instrument of all. It can start a war or say I love you. Develop control over your voice to tell your story.



Never wing it. Whether you have a minute, an hour or a week to prepare, learn how to do it effectively.


Slides are most people’s enemy. Learn how to tame them and use them for what they should be: visual aids to emphasize your story.


Put it all together.

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for teams or individuals

No strings attached. Let’s chat about how this workshop can transform your business.

(Aussi offerts en français)

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About me

I have failed many times in my career and that is why I succeed. I have been led and led while interacting with all kinds of personalities and I understand what makes people click.

I have been an elite athlete and have had the opportunity to be coached by amazing people. I became a business coach myself because I like to get the best out of everyone.

I crave intelligence and I have a passion for beautiful solutions to complex problems.

I believe in humans and their ability to make connections.

Things I can do for you and your organization:

- Build, recruit, shuffle, enable teams of fantastic people
- Create a business vision with measurable, attainable and sustainable goals
- Develop a narrative for your Marketing and Sales teams
- Coach your pitch team and teach them how to deliver a kickass presentation
- Personally mentor CEOs CMOs and Sales execs
- Explain in simple terms complex digital economy concepts and align your business to them
- Refer someone more qualified than I am on matters I would just do an ok job

I started my career early in 1995 with the creation of Canada’s first web portal, La Toile du Québec and Netgraphe, the first dotcom to become public in Canada. I have been recognized by the Internet Society of Canada with a lifetime achievement award for my contribution to the development of the Internet.