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Don’t Work For Exposure

I often hear in my coaching sessions with newbie entrepreneurs that they accepted to work for exposure or, in a more sophisticated way, in a risk sharing partnership. Let me debunk that myth right now. Exposure never paid any bills The only exposure you will get is...

The Art Of The Pitch

Pitching an idea is tough. It requires you to choose just the few words time will allow and paint a picture that will resonate in the other person’s mind. It’s a little bit of a Jedi mind trick. To complicate things, you will need at least 4 types of pitches to suit...

The Benefits of Workshops vs Courses

While doing my morning review of the industry, I came upon a piece by Seth Godin describing the differences between workshops and courses, particularly the online ones. He wrote something that resonated loudly with my own experience: Traditional courses, online or...

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